Lacuna Kites Apex Control Bar is designed with the highest quality materials in the industry. 
We do not offer a lower quality version as this would go against our company ethos.
We believe that “Pro” bar quality should be the standard and thus have designed our Apex Bar accordingly.
To compromise on quality is a compromise on safety and this is not an option to us.
Our bars are designed and tested in the same manner as our kite canopies, extensively and thoroughly in extreme conditions.

Release systems have always been an issue in the industry, they used to have complicated twists and turn to detach the kite or have the most impractical reattaching methods. Which are great on land but impractical in the water.
We have put a lot of focus on our release and reattachment system.
Finding yourself in trouble and being pushed under large waves you want a system that takes less than a second to detach the kite without having to think or remember complex methods of achieving this.
That being said, you also don’t want to find yourself bobbing in the water and trying to push down pins and reattach intricate little loops before securing the release system to get going again.

Design Specification

Quick Release

The Apex Control Bar and footstrap/pads are the contact points for all input from the rider and feedback to the equipment. We have studied the use and ergonomics of the control bar intensely to ensure we provide precise feedback, control, and above all, confidence and safety to the rider. 
The Apex Control Bar comes with a ‘click-in’ chicken loop safety system. Once released, the user need not hold up the shroud to re-insert the chicken loop. Simply hold the system in one hand and push the end of the chicken loop into the housing with the other hand, and it will click into place.
Injection moulded 50% Nylon body with easy push away release system, colour coded under current ISO standards with simple single step click in chicken loop system.